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From Legal Services to Information Services

eLawyering for Competitive Advantage

Re-Training Lawyers for a Digital Age

"Unbundling" Legal Services on the Internet

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The Granat Group is a holding company for a variety of Internet properties that deliver legal solutions over the Internet.

Through its affiliate, SmartLegalForms, Inc., the Company manages a portfolio of automated legal form web sites under the SmartLegalForms brand.

LawMediaLabs, Inc., is an incubator for mobile legal applications and curates content about disruption in the legal industry.

DirectLaw -- a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) business that is targeted at solos and small law firms. The enables these firms to offer legal services online without incurring a large capital investment and is based on Epoq technologies, the Rapidocs document automation platform, and legal content developed by Epoq and the Company.

We also provide other support services to this branded network of virtual law firms, including web site development and support services, interactive marketing and advertising support services, and training services on how to deliver legal services online.

The Group's primary interest is developing innovative legal service delivery mechanisms that provide legal solutions to the broad middle class as wells as providing support services to law firms that provide personal legal services.

We seek relationships with companies and individuals who understand the potential of the mass distribution of legal services to the broad middle class. (As distinguished from legal services provided by "Big Law" to Fortune 1000 companies).

We are interested in a relationship as an investor, joint venture partner, or a strategic partner or advisor.


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